Staffordshire Symphony of Hidden Voices

The Staffordshire Symphony of Hidden Voices is a place where hidden voices can find each other. It was created initially at the Combined NHS Staffordshire Symphony for Hidden Voices event at Port Vale Football Club on 30th June 2017

It is a live social ‘word cloud’ – bringing together in real time material published on Twitter or Facebook by anyone using the hashtag #inclusionsymphony or any mentions on the web.  It constantly updates as new material is created.

The Symphony groups the content according to prominence and traffic in interactive word clouds.  You can click on any word to ‘drill down’ to the underlying content and interact with it.  If you prefer to view the Symphony in full screen in a separate window, click on the button marked “Enlarge” in the bottom left hand corner.

The Symphony allows all voices to be heard equally with no preference or importance attached to any particular source or account.  It allows everyone to tap into, discover and engage with collectively created and equally treated perspectives, conversations and topics.

N.B.  This is an unmediated content service derived from publicly available social media and feeds.  North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust is neither responsible, nor accepts liability, for any content contained therein from feeds or accounts not operated by the Trust itself.

You can see a selection of videos and films about the Staffordshire Symphony for Hidden Voices on our YouTube channel here

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