Access to health records

The Data Protection Act 1998 allows you to find out what information is held about you on computer and in certain manual records. This is known as “right of subject access”. It applies to your health and social care records.

If you want to see them you can make a written request to the organisations where you are being, or have been, treated.

You are entitled to view your records and if you wish, receive a copy but you should note that a charge will usually be made.

In rare circumstances your right to see some details in your health records may be limited in your own interest or for other reasons. A decision not to disclose some details would be taken by medical staff responsible for your care.

Your written request should include:

  • Your full name
  • A clear description of what information you would like, for example, if you require information related to a hospital stay it may be useful to provide the dates of your stay
  • Your address and any other information that may prove useful in locating your information, such as your date of birth.
  • A forwarding address for correspondence.

Alternatively, an application form is available from the contact below.

Send your request to:

Access to Health Records Administrator
North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust
Lawton House
Bellringer Lane

For further information, please read this booklet: Looking After Your Confidential Information leaflet.pdf


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