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Parkinson's results beyond researchers' wildest dreamsPreviously housebound patients are now able to walk more freely as a result of electrical stimulatio [...]

Campaign to tackle 'botched' cosmetic proceduresThe use of self-injected dermal and lip fillers is rising, along with dangerous cosmetic surgery. [...]

Innovative child malaria vaccine to be tested in MalawiThe treatment, developed over 30 years, is the first to give partial protection to children, WHO say [...]

Older women exploited by IVF clinics, says fertility watchdogClinics are using "selective success rates" to target older women, the fertility watchdog [...]

Athletes risking their health by 'under-fuelling'Distance runner Gina Paletta warns how "under-fuelling" during training left her on crutch [...]

For the first time last year, the NHS in England carried out more than two million checks on people [...]

A new study by health experts has shown that the productivity of the NHS has improved almost two and [...]

Pioneering brain surgery that allows children who are deaf to experience the sensation of hearing fo [...]

NHS England has announced a major expansion of a landmark scheme designed to help tens of thousands [...]

DIY enthusiasts have been urged to take care this Easter as NHS figures show hundreds of admissions [...]

Information for NHS organisations on the status of MIA call-off agreements. [...]

Guide to the process of making an appeal, as part of the payment scheme for former British child mig [...]

Information on the payment scheme for former British child migrants, including criteria for making a [...]

Make an appeal relating to the payment scheme for former British child migrants. [...]

A summary of what has been achieved by partners in the adult social care sector, one year on from th [...]

Trusts are being encouraged to develop new roles for nurses to help improve care for patients who un [...]

Guardian finds many people confined far from families, sometimes for decadesA patient locked in a se [...]

Health secretary says staff should not have to compromise their job for patient safetyThe health sec [...]

Paul McGilchrist argues that the word challenge is used to persuade others to accept unpalatable cha [...]

Stephen Smith’s struggle exposed the cruelty of the benefits system. Now he is dead, but the system [...]

Women especially affected, with relationships and ability to conceive impacted, say expertsCuts to s [...]

Half of patients prescribed statins in primary care fail to reach the target cholesterol concentrati [...]

Junior doctors are calling for a change in their contracts to ensure that no one is charged to stay [...]

A major policy push by NHS England to save £100m (€1.2m; $1.3m) a year by curbing GPs’ prescribing o [...]

Disagreement between doctors and parents about a child’s treatment can usually be resolved by carefu [...]

Yes—Matthew Kurien, David S SandersDigital technology has changed the landscape of scientific publis [...]

A new pilot scheme encouraging people with diabetes to self-manage their condition using an interact [...]

The average daily rates received by locums have risen in most parts of the country over the past 12 [...]

GPs could help to speed up diagnosis of patients with colorectal cancer and other serious bowel dise [...]

The government's independent review of the partnership model should ensure there is increased f [...]

Dame Clare Marx has been named as the new chair of the GMC - the first woman in history to hold the [...]

Medicare's hospital insurance fund will be depleted in 2026, as previously forecast, and Social [...]

The United States recorded 71 new measles cases last week, a 13 percent increase as the country face [...]

(Reuters Health) - Pediatric blood pressure guideline changes issued in 2017 increase the number of [...]

Brazilian soy exports to China will definitely decline this year as African swine fever in the world [...]

(Reuters Health) - Most sleep-related suffocation deaths among babies less than one year old happen [...]