Our Structure

We mobilised into our new locality structure from 1st October, with Associate Directors and Clinical Directors formally responsible for their new Directorates.

We were delighted to announce that Alastair Forrester had been appointed as Head of Nursing & Professional Practice.

We have also completed our appointments to Service Manager and Quality Improvement roles.  Congratulations to everyone on their appointment. The management for the new structure, including the new appointments are:


Clinical Director, Darren Carr

Associate Director, Sam Mortimer

  • Brigette Hamlett – Quality Improvement Lead Nurse (Matron)

  • Simon Wilson – Service Manager – Newcastle

  • Nicky Griffiths – Service Manager – Moorlands


Clinical Director, Dr Dennis Okolo

Associate Director, Jane Munton-Davies

  • Sue Parkes – Quality Improvement Lead Nurse (Matron)

  • Rachael Birks – Service Manager – North

  • Darryl Gwinneth – Service Manager – South Stoke

  • David Smith – Service Manager – South Stoke Social Care Lead


Clinical Director, Dr Darren Perry

Associate Director, Ben Boyd

  • Stuart Fisher – Quality Improvement Lead Nurse (Matron)

  • Tina Mottram – Quality Improvement Lead Nurse (Matron)

  • Jessica Fitzgerald – Service Manager – LD & CAMHS IP

  • Fiona Platt – Service Manager – Neuro & Rehab

  • Darren Bowyer – Senior Service Manager – Substance Misuse

  • Craig Heffernan-Stone – Service Manager – Substance Misuse


Clinical Director, Carol Sylvester (Interim )

Associate Director, Natalie Larvin (Interim)

  • Dawn Burston – Quality Improvement Lead Nurse (Matron)

  • Val Stronach – Quality Improvement Lead Nurse (Matron)

  • Josey Povey – Service Manager – Urgent Care

In creating our locality structure, our aims are to…

  • Bring together all age community services by geography
  • Provide better services to our local communities
  • Bring together all ‘Specialist Services’ (wider than North Staffs catchment)
  • Improve and bring together ‘Urgent Care’ pathways
  • Create a Primary Care directorate to support developments between the Trust and Primary Care
  • Develop a robust and integrated professional structure
  • Strengthen Clinical Leadership at a pathway level

Our Guiding Principles and Direction of Travel

Accepting system accountability for performance and improvement by integrating services at locality level with all other out of hospital, public and third sector organisations.

Ensuring that transformation enables change at scale and delivers improved outcomes and demonstrable returns on investment.

Details of Individual Services can be accessed here