Service name


Main contact number

01785 224545

Service based at

161 Eccleshall Road
ST16 1PD – click here to get directions from Google Maps

Service hours

9am-5pm – Monday to Friday

About the service

Sustain+ is a service working directly with Staffordshire carers and other involved professionals, and with children and young people who are looked after. We also offer a service to adoptive parents and their children. We work with children and young people where there is no plan for rehabilitation to their birth families. We provide therapy and consultation to help, support and maintain placements. We provide direct therapeutic work with individual young people and family units. Our work is strongly influenced by attachment, systemic and developmental ideas and theories.

We offer consultation to professionals and networks. This can provide the opportunity to think in some detail about the needs of the young people even if we do not go on to work directly with the young people and the carers. We are able to offer exploratory sessions, which can help you to decide whether Sustain+ can helpfully become involved with your clients.

We offer training through workshops, and we contribute to established courses.

Who is eligible for this service?

Sustain + services are accessible to all Staffordshire local authority carers and the children they look after, providing they reside within the Staffordshire area. The Service can be accessed by adopted children and families in Staffordshire who have been placed by Staffordshire or who have been living in the County for more than three years. The Service is also provided to children under special guardianship arrangements.

Children and young people must be between the ages of 0 and 18. Referrals are accepted where there are concerns regarding the emotional wellbeing or mental health of children, where there has been developmental trauma, where there are difficulties in relationships between the child and the adults who look after them and where children are presenting with challenging behaviour as a result of adverse early experiences.

The service accepts direct requests from ‘friend’ and ‘relative’ carers or those known as Regulation 11 carers, although in most circumstances these requests will be facilitated by an area social worker with the full agreement of the carers.

Referral criteria

Referrals can be made by professionals or by the child or the child’s carer/adoptive parent. Referrals can be made in writing or over the telephone.


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