Leadership and partnership across boundaries

Hi all

I started the week with a personal coaching session which was extremely helpful. Health Education England is currently supporting coaching for CEOs which I was keen to take up. It is really important for me to stop for an hour every couple of months and reflect on what I am doing, how I am behaving and how I can become a more effective leader whilst holding my values close. I would really recommend that people take up the opportunity for coaching and mentoring if you can. I am looking forward to discussing our new behavioural framework at the next Leadership Academy session on Wednesday 5 April. Can team leaders, service managers and directorate leaders please prioritise attendance – it’s only a couple of hours and is really important that we come together to discuss how we are going to embed our values and behaviours across Combined.

I also spent quite a bit of time last week working with colleagues across the health economy on our mental health transformation plans as part of the Staffordshire-wide Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP). I am delighted that mental health is being given the priority it deserves nationally – we need to make sure that converts into better services for our local communities.

Leadership and partnership across boundaries

Sometimes an event comes along that restores your faith in the power of leadership and partnership. Without a doubt, the highlight of my week was such an occasion - the Accelerated Design Event that took place last Thursday at Stoke City Football Ground, delivered by Helen Bevan Chief Transformation Officer within the NHS Horizons team as part of the System Leadership/ Organisation Development workstream that I lead on behalf of the STP.


The event brought together over 70 leaders, staff and influencers across the entirety of Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent. Many of our Board members took leading roles and we provided superb support from our own workforce development and communications teams - particularly Rob Cragg, Jane Rook, Laura Rogers and Joe McCrea. The purpose was to have a radical look both at ourselves and how we work together, but also the climate within which we operate and how our structures and decision-making culture can hinder us from achieving everything we need and want to do.

Everyone was exhausted by the end – as Helen promised at the outset, we crammed what might normally take weeks of effort into a single day. But there was also a palpable sense of energy and commitment from all who attended. The outputs of the event will be written up into a report and a STP task and finish group has been charged with implementing those commitments that do not easily fit within the existing STP workstreams. As the leaders of the workstreams for mental health and for digital as well as System Leadership/ Organisational Development, the energy and ideas generated in the event will feed down into our existing work. I'll keep you all informed of how the decisions and commitments made on the day progress.

Leadership in the medical profession

I was delighted that our Medical Director, Dr Buki Adeyemo has been invited to be a key speaker for the British Medical Journal's 2017 Leaders in Healthcare Conference in Liverpool later this year. Buki will be leading a session on 'Culture change and Improvement Fundamental shift - this is the way we do things around here'. It's further proof of our growing reputation for being a Trust that is providing great leadership across our staff and senior team.

Reviewing our quality improvement plans

Alongside some of my executive colleagues, I met with the directorates last week to review their quality improvement plans. A key priority is ensuring the CAMHS directorate have support to continue their ongoing improvement. I also met Helen McMahon, our new Head of Directorate for children and young people’s services who is doing a great job.

Information governance (IG) compliance target reached - well done!

Everyone has been urged regularly and recently to make sure they complete their IG compliance training and I’m really pleased to be able to congratulate you all on hitting our 95% compliance target for IG training for the first time ever! Making sure we complete all our mandatory training can be seen as a chore, but it’s vital that we all have the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure we are able to deliver our services as safely and as appropriately as we can and need to. Well done and keep it up!

50 days to ROSE Day!

The days are counting down now to ROSE Day when we go live with our new electronic patient record. Last Thursday, 23 March, we hit the '50 days to go' mark. The ROSE Team, supported by Communications, will be busier than ever making sure everyone knows what they need to do to make it a success. ROSE Boarding Passes are being distributed to all staff who need to be able to use the electronic patient record from 13 May, plus special versions for Super Users and directorates. The Boarding Passes provide a handy checklist of the things everybody needs to have done and to have in place.

I was pleased to finish the week on a positive note – both Buki and I went to Keele University to discuss raising our ambition for research and development. Keele received us very warmly and were excited about the future possibilities. The recent appointment of Dr Chris Link as our Research and Development Director alongside our growing partnerships with primary care present lots of opportunities which we are going to take forward with Keele University - I will keep you updated!