Entering the final lap on the road to ROSE Day

Hi all

It’s been an exciting week, as some of our Trust’s important plans and annual deliverables approach their delivery. It’s also been a busy week for understanding how we can lead transformation across the whole of Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent.

Digital by Choice: Road to ROSE Day – we’re entering the final lap!

On Monday, I chaired the latest meeting of our Digital by Choice Programme Board to confirm we are on track for a successful go-live for our new electronic patient record (EPR) on 13 May.  This is an important part of our project disciplines and the culmination of months of hard work by the ROSE Project Team, supported by Super Users across the Trust. One particular highlight was the quality of the training we have delivered to staff as we approach ROSE Day. We’ve had great attendance from staff and well over 90 per cent of attendees rated the training as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’.

We looked at immediate issues such as data migration and support for staff during the immediate go-live period. We also looked at how the Trust can move from successful implementation to ensuring we realise the full benefits in the medium and long term of our new tools. Having done so well to this point, it really is crucial that everyone double and triple checks that everything is in place as we approach the big day. The EPR will be the first major deliverable of our overall Digital by Choice strategy, which we began planning almost two years ago. With this success under our belt, we now need to take the opportunity to refresh the overall strategy and look at how we can maximise the opportunities for us to realise our aim of being a national leader in digital delivery and operations.

Preparing our Quality Account and Annual Report

The teams pulling together our Quality Account and Annual Report are deep into their work. These two reports are among our most effective ways of telling the world what our people deliver and how we are doing. So we are always looking for new ways to increase their impact and readership. This year, we plan to support the physical documents with much greater use of film, digital and social media content. We will be capturing lots of pictures and filmed examples of our staff, our service users and stakeholders going about their work and talking about what we do.

Leading service transformation across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent 

One of the roles I play in our local Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) is to lead the Organisational Development workstream. On Wednesday, I chaired a Service Transformation Showcase which gave all of the partners across the STP the chance to celebrate and share the service improvement activities that currently exist within the Staffordshire health economy. It also gave us a chance to discuss how service improvement can be embedded across our area, and how system leadership can help make it happen. There were a host of presentations and ideas and it shows what great practice we have going on across Staffordshire.

Religion and mental health meeting a success

We were delighted to host a religion and mental health meeting where we welcomed representatives of the Sikh community and a representative from Sanctus, a charity supporting asylum seekers and refugees as they go through their assessment process for right to remain. It was a really good event, at which informal discussions were held around mental health and our services. Discussion topics included how we could reach out more effectively to our local communities to provide services that met people’s needs and expectations and inspire them to be part of the next generation of healthcare workers; and what barriers there were to people accessing services and having positive, person-centred experiences. We look forward to nurturing these budding relationships and further improving accessibility and person-centred care for all our patients and service users.

Dr Nasreen Fazal-Short is our new acting Director of Operations

As you will have seen from the communication last week, we have appointed Dr Nasreen Fazal-Short as acting Director of Operations. I am sure you will join me in congratulating Nasreen, who has made a really positive impact in the leadership roles she has taken up with the Trust to date. We have already advertised for the Clinical Director position Nasreen currently holds for Adult Mental Health Inpatients, so Nasreen will be taking up the Director of Operations post very soon.

I finished the week off in style by attending the wedding of Tom Thornber, our former Director of Strategy and Development. It was a lovely day and I’m sure you will join me in wishing Tom and his new wife all the very best in their life together.