Combined publishes strategy for Outstanding Communications and Engagement

The Trust Board has approved the findings and recommendations of the Strategic Review of Combined Healthcare Communications and Engagement. 

You can click on the image below to download a PDF copy of the whole Review.

Or you can read all about it here

Key findings​

The Trust’s existing Objectives, SMART Goals and Outcomes for Communications and Engagement remain fit for purpose

By combining best of breed skills, capabilities, channels and services, we have been able during 2018/19 to deliver an Outstanding Year of Communications for the Trust and its teams.

There is overall positive endorsement by frontline staff, service users and stakeholders of the Communications Team function, support and performance

The overall thrust and intent of the Strategic Review goes beyond specific goals and outcomes, providing a coherent, integrated approach which is designed to achieve a strategic shift in the way we approach our communications and engagement.

Some areas need priority attention and can be delivered without the need for extra investment

A small number of recalibrations of Communications and Engagement activity would suggest themselves to be beneficial

An ambition to be the very best at NHS Social Media is a key part of our Communications and Engagement Strategy

We will introduce Listening & Engagement Active Partnerships as a tool and an approach to help make a reality of Active Listening

The Communications and Engagement Team will work together and support the Board and the Partnerships and Strategy Team to jointly deliver the Trust’s Partnering Strategy as part of a new Combined Healthcare Active Stakeholder Engagement (CHASE) programme.