Combined Healthcare launches Listening and Engagement Active Partnerships (LEAP)

North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust is proud to launch a new initiative in our approach to listening and engagement – Listening and Engagement Active Partnerships (LEAP).

Listening and Engagement Active Partnerships (LEAP) lie at the heart of a concept we have developed, which we call “Active Listening”. This can also be described as “listening and engaging for a purpose”.

This includes listening to the views of and communicating with: 

  • our service users and their carers and families; 
  • our own staff;
  • local NHS and care partners;
  • our partners across the local Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Sustainability and Transformation Partnership, including our local government colleagues;
  • local voluntary and third sectors;
  • print and broadcast media
  • local businesses and employers; 
  • local decision makers, elected representatives and opinion formers;
  • audiences and communities active on social media; and
  • regional and national audiences.

It means having a continual awareness that we don’t just listen and communicate for the sake of it or as an end in itself, but in order to deliver – and be seen to deliver – concrete outcomes and improvements in our strategies and the recovery-focussed services we seek to deliver for local people, incorporating their views, insights and preferences. 

Listening & Engagement Active Partnerships are a tool and an approach to help make a reality of Active Listening.  There are two aspects to LEAP

  • a formalised agreement between Combined Healthcare and relevant local, regional and national stakeholder organisations committing to inform and involve each other in campaigns, research activities, communications and social media activity; and
  • a disciplined business process – building on the traditional NHS ‘You said, We did’ approach – whereby each item of listening or feedback is analysed to identify whether or not something specific is being suggested or requested and – if so – adoption or rejection of each suggestion is logged tracked and fed back to the original proposer upon completion or rejection.

How to get involved in Active Listening

If you or your organisation are interested in entering into a Listening and Engagement Active Partnership with Combined Healthcare, you can use the sign-up form by clicking the button below

If you wish to make a comment or a suggestion to Combined Healthcare, you can submit it via our Active Listening form by clicking on the button below