Allied Health Professionals

AHPs are an essential part of the workforce in delivering the recovery agenda and specialist interventions to the people we serve.

AHPs bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to individuals and teams and are an essential part of Combined Healthcare’s Towards Outstanding programme.

Recognising the valuable contribution AHPs bring to the organisation in 2017, we have made a commitment to strengthen AHP leadership both at corporate and Directorate level. We are also ambitious to develop a career pathway for newly registered AHPs and are keen to combine learning at all levels. This work is led by the AHP Network.

We were proud in Autumn 2018 to launch the Trust’s first AHP Strategy.

The strategy reflects the national AHP document and sets out the priority areas for development 2018-2020. Each year a work programme will be devised to take forward the Strategy. This will be implemented and monitored by the AHP Network. Through an annual CPD event, developments and learning will be shared with AHPs and the wider multi-disciplinary team.

The strategy sets out the vision for AHP’s it aims to put the needs of service users at the centre of what we do at Combined. It aligns with the Trust`s vision and values in delivering outstanding client services.