Our vision, values, quality priorities and objectives

Proud to CARE - our values for the way we want our staff to behave

To be an outstanding organisation providing safe, personalised, accessible and recovery-focussed support/services every time.

Proud to CARE - our values for the way we want our staff to behave

  • Compassionate
  • Approachable
  • Responsible
  • Excellent

SPAR - our quality priorities - the four key areas which evidence that we are delivering high quality care and treatment to those using our services in a way that is person-centred

  • S - Our services will be consistently Safe
  • P - Our care will be Personalised to the individual needs of our service users
  • A - Our processes and structures will guarantee Access to services for service users and their carers
  • R - Our focus will be on the Recovery needs of those with mental illness

Objectives - measurable metrics against which we will deliver our goals

  1. Provide the highest quality services
  2. Create a learning culture to continually improve
  3. Encourage, inspire and implement research and innovation at all levels
  4. Maximise and use our resources intelligently and efficiently
  5. Attract and inspire the best people to work here
  6. Continually improve our partnership working
  7. Enhance service user and carer involvement

Video - Our direction


We explain our future direction in this helpful video explaining more about our vision, values and SPAR quality priorities.