Publications and policies


In this section you will find the Trust's Annual Publications and Trust Policies.

Annual publications


Operating Plan 2016/17.pdf


Annual Report and Accounts 2015/16.pdf

Quality Account 2015/16.pdf


Annual Report and Accounts 2014/15.pdf

Annual Review 2014/15.pdf

Quality Account 2014/15.pdf


Annual Report and Accounts 2013/14.pdf

Annual Review 2013/14.pdf

Annual Plan 2013/14.pdf

Quality Account 2013/14.pdf

Quality Account Summary 2013/14.pdf

KPMG Annual Audit Letter 2013/14.pdf


Full Annual Accounts 2012/13.pdf

Annual Report and Summary Financial Statements 2012/13.pdf

Annual Review 2012/2013.pdf

Quality Account 2012/13.pdf

Infection Prevention and Control Annual Report 2012/13.pdf

Health and Social Care Act compliance as at September 2013.pdf


Annual Report and Summary Financial Statements 2011/12.pdf

Annual Review 2011/12.pdf

Quality Account 2011/12.pdf

Quality Account Summary 2011/12.pdf

Infection Prevention and Control Annual Report 2011/12.pdf


Annual Report and Summary Financial Statements 2010/11.pdf

Financial Statements Annual Accounts 2010/11.pdf

Annual Review 2010/11.pdf

Quality Account 2010/11.pdf

Quality Account Summary 2010/11.pdf

Infection Prevention and Control Annual Report 2010/11.pdf


Annual Report and Summary Financial Statements 2009/10.pdf

Annual Review 2009/10.pdf

Quality Account 2009/10.pdf

Other publications

Statement of Purpose.pdf

Single Sex Accommodation Compliance Statement.pdf

Trust Board Papers

Expenditure over £25,000

Register of gifts, hospitality and Sponsorship 2016.pdf


Equality of Opportunity.pdf

Learning and Development.pdf

Incident Response and Recovery Plan.pdf

Privacy and Dignity.pdf

Safeguarding Children Policy Statement.pdf

Volunteer Policy.pdf

Standing Financial Instructions.pdf

Standards of Business Conduct Policy.pdf

Scheme of Delegation.pdf

Interpretation/translation services

The Trust is committed to providing communication support for service users and carers whose first language is not English. This includes British Sign Language (BSL).

We can also produce written information in braille and in large print documents.

If you have any queries regarding the use of interpretation or translation services please do not hesitate to contact the Patient Experience Team at Harplands Hospital on 01782 275171 or via email at